Motivate Monday #3

I actually started this one last week, and then realized SO much of what I do in the morning relies on how much I prepped the night before!

I will tell you again and again, I am not a morning person. Not a fan of early wake up calls at all. Let me sleep in until 8 or 9, and I am loving life! Unfortunately for me I have, like, a lot of kids. And a job that requires me to be there at 5:45am. These tasks do not often allow me to sleep in very often!

Mike.. Oh, Mike. He loves his mornings. He would spend HOURS on his morning routine if he could.

After his 17 alarms go off, he rolls out of bed and then spends several minutes stretching. He dresses, and makes coffee (and I mean dresses – like he’s leaving the house or something. Jeans, tshirt, shoes. Pfft). Not quick Keurig coffee, no. He adores his French press (and I ❤️ when he uses it). He will patiently boil water, grind beans, let it all sit for several minutes. Then he cooks a nice, hot breakfast and reviews his schedule for the day. Feeds the animals, waters plants. And he absolutely loves it when I ask him what he’s doing (insert sarcasm). He tells me, “Same thing I do every day, Pinky”.

Me? I like to lay in bed for as long as I can. I will drink my coffee in bed (that Mike brings me because he’s freaking awesome like that). I’ll catch up on emails, check out social media, read some articles, watch a TED talk or other motivational video (huge fan of Rachel Hollis). Eventually, I will get up. I am not a huge breakfast person so I will have a light snack, and eventually get dressed (which 90% of the time includes workout gear that I have 0% chance of followthrough in using for a workout).

Work days are a different beast for me. I have to heavily prep the night prior, because when I have to wake up at 5am, my body is on autopilot. Coffee. Bathroom. Makeup. Hair. Dress. Grab my stack of Tupperware I prepped the night prior. Water bottle. More coffee. Out the door. See last weeks Motivate Monday post for more on my evening routine!

Naturally, I had to rely pretty heavily on Mike, the King of Mornings, for help writing a great morning routine to get you going! Maybe I will take his advice and work on becoming more of a morning person 😊

How to Have a Great Morning Routine to Prep for Success!

  • Make sure you prep meals and catch up on laundry the night before.
  • Dedicate a decent chunk of time to sleep, and unplug from your electronics for AT LEAST thirty minutes before bed!
  • Set your alarm (please Lord, if you share a bed with someone, the minimum amount of alarms you need in order to wake up).
  • Get going. Get out of bed!
  • Make coffee.
  • Exercise, if you’re a morning workout person. If not, get a few minutes of yoga or stretching in to wake your muscles.
  • Read or (preferably if you can multi-task) listen to a podcast/TED talk/book.
  • Wash your face.
  • Makeup and hair if that’s what you do.
  • Get dressed.
  • Eat breakfast (which, Mike likes to point out, is the most important meal of the day).
  • Make sure meals are ready to go for the day.
  • Review your schedule and appointments for the day.
  • Brain Dump. (see here)
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Gather everything you prepped the night before and head out!
  • Continue to listen to something motivational during your commute. I encourage this! Why let your mind wander while driving when you can be more intentional with that time?

Why are routines so important? Did you know we can only make so many decisions daily? There are some really smart guys who wear the same color shirt and the same color pants every day, because that’s two less decisions for them to make! They would rather save their brain power for more important choices than whether or not they should wear a red, blue, green, white, gray, or black shirt. THIS is why routines are so important! Operating on autopilot may take some prepwork, but it pays off by saving your creative juices and brain power for bigger things. So meal prep! Plan tomorrow tonight. Make a routine for everything, and you WILL become more successful.

Down below is my FREE daily planner printable. Print it off, mark it up, and be purposeful with each minute you have today!😊

I hope this information helps you be more organized with your morning routine! Drop some comments 👇🏼 and share your morning routine! What tips do you find help you the most to be successful and maximize your time?

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